Virgil Nemoianu: Două aspecte ale catolicismului american

In the last decades there have appeared many statistical studies about the situation of the Catholicism in the West of Europe, which cast a shadow of pessimism on its future. A different image proposes the article of Virgil Nemoianu, about the history, evolution, current situation and future perspectives of the American Catholicism. Even if a minority and constituted of immigrants, the Catholic Church in America maintained its vigour, presenting itself as a vivid and active community. The author exposes shortly but realistic the specific features of this Church speaking about: the situation of the clergy and of lay persons, the American intellectuals, theologians, politicians and mass-media. Finally, he extends his vision about Church, expressing his hope that dialog between orthodox Christian and Catholics in America will bring rich fruits for both Churches.

DT205_Virgil Nemoianu

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