Vittorio POSSENTI: Fondamenti religiosi e laici della democrazia

Analyzing the phenomenon of democracy, Vittorio Possenti exposes the religious and laical fundaments of democracy. A true democracy that wishes to open the borders of a civilized world must maintain the feeling of affiliation to the humanity. The author thinks that democracy must stay away from the temptation of fundamentalism, that must promote the person and not the forms of selfishness. The democracy needs religion if it wants an undiluted man (one can not deny to a man the religious dimension). The rights of man should be the main program of a democracy. The author underlines some of the democracy principles: treating the person as a purpose and not as a mean (the man is in the world but it not belongs to the world), forming a nation in which there are to be respected both natural low and positive low, responsible freedom, an ethics that encourages the common good, the participation to the public life. The article pleads for an equilibrated democracy that has in its center the person.

DT1718_Vittorio POSSENTI

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