Wilhelm Dancă: Conciliul al II-lea din Vatican, izvor de reînnoire

The author of this editorial claims that in our country, the acception of the renewal spirit and the application of the 2nd Vatican Council’s pastoral-liturgical norms were distorted by the unfavorable social and political conditions in which the Christians and the shepherds of our Church lived, in the period of the Council’s sessions development. The Council’s documents are even today a source of renewal, but the source isn’t enough known, used and frequented. The 2nd Vatican Council’s doctrine is a good medicine for the removal of heresies and nowadays temptations, as the heresy of action and the temptation of material things. The editorial also claims the idea that the 2nd Vatican Council might become “operational”, if the shepherds and the Christians, “all together” – this is the Council’s logic – penetrate deeper in the Council’s mentality.

DT111_Wilhelm Dancă

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