Flavio Pajer: L’educazione religiosa tra identità confessionali, dialogo interreligioso e spiritualità secolari

The theme of this article is the religious education, seen in the view of the religious identity, of the interreligious dialogue and of the secular spirituality, in the context of a multicultural and globalized word. In the first part of the article, the author analyzed the religious identity in front of the “different”, identity that is considered to be more fragile. That is why, in the second part, he is asking what kind of identity has to be promoted in a pluralist context, trying to give an answer to this important question of our society. In the third part, Prof. Flavio Pajer shows that public education has to be like a chamber of dialogue, a stimulus for living together, which does not lead to uniformity, but rather to responsibility. Finally, there are exposed the new religious competences necessary for living in pluralism.

DT264_Prof. Dr Flavio PAJER

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